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June 26, 2017

For donkey years, so many Believers hope to manifest someday; yet that day never come. They say “I shall manifest very soon”. 
My friend, you’re getting close to your grave daily, and matching toward Heaven or Hell as you wake up each day.

Do something. NOW!!!!!!  Start up that evangelism. Build your team! Start up the fast! Pray that prayer! Read that Bible passage! Go onto missions! Visit that prison! Cast out that demon! Hurry up! The King is coming! 
Write that book! Publish that work! Get that job! Retire from that company! Marry that wife! Buy that car! Move on with life!!!!!!!!!
Move on with life!!!!!!!!
Save that soul! Heal that sickness! Do something!!!!!! The King is coming!
Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!! So many lazy ones will be caught unprepared And unachieved!!!!!
May you not be caught unprepared in Jesus Name.
Evangelist Odubenu O. Anumati


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