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June 11, 2017

The rate at which so-called single and young Christian Brothers and Sisters write about marriage and sex on Facebook and other social media is very alarming. If you have been truly staying away from fornication and all other sexual sins, then how did you get the knowledge of sex, even up to boldly writing and advicing  married couples online? 
This is really surprising. The only way to educate fellow Christians about sex is by indulging in it. And many young and single Christians are deeply into fornication and watching of all sorts of sexual uncleanness online and at home. 
The other day, a single Christian Brother below 20 years was asking people on Facebook is it is a sin for a woman to be on top of her husband during sex. And he wrote that without shame. And no one challenged him. Instead both young and old people gathered on his Facebook page and began writing about their sexual experiences, mostly the single ones. I had to unfriend him immediately. 

Now hear…… 
No matter how anointed a single Christian Brother or Sister thinks he  or she is, you have no right to educate any body on sex. Sex is only for married couples, not for single so-called Christians who are hypocrites and actively fornicating. 
The people that God used to write the Bible never told us how to have sex. So any pastor or church telling you to do like this or that during sex is doing his or her own labour. Apart from anal intercourse or sodomy, no single sex position was recommended in the Bible. Stop using the Bible to support radical views on certain sexual positions. NO SEXUAL POSITION IS RECOMMENDED FOR MARRIED COUPLES IN THE BIBLE. 
I have read countless stupid posts saying missionaries brought missionary sex position and it is the only sinless sex position allowed by God.  I truly don’t know how missionaries would recommend sex position for the Church. The prophets were married and had all died even before the missionaries were born. 
Did God call any sex position by name? Why are we being too legalistic and religious? We give sex names and say God condemns this or that. People now say Doggy Style is in Revelation 22 :15  where God says “without are Dogs”. This is madness! We name sin and put it in God’s month. 
Even Apostle Peter was a married man plus other apostles and Prophets of old. None of them told us how to stay during sex APART FROM SODOMY OR ANAL INTERCOURSE. 
And some say the Church copied those sexual positions from pornographic videos. But my question goes: How did you know what pornographic people are doing if you don’t watch it? And you claim to be a preacher? Pornographic actors are not the standard for having sex. So if anyone is condemning sex after watching pornography, you are on your own.

Telling people that you died and saw people in Hell for having sex like this or that is ridiculous. Even the devil can show some one a fake Hell too. Sex is for uniting a husband and a wife to be one. Leave them to their marriage, since you can’t disprove them with your Bible. 
I believe in divine revelations too. And I believe in Heaven and Hell. But to scare people to not have sex even after they have married is WITCHCRAFT. 
“Touch your wife here is a sin.”

“Touch your husband there is not a sin.”

“Kiss like this is a sin. ”

“Stay like this during sex is not a sin.” 
All these are satanic bondages to scatter marriages and to keep married couples from being satisfied sexually with themselves, and to make them go out into the world to look for pleasure. 
If you are married, you as a man, your wife, and Jesus should be united. If you are not sure of anything about you marriage and your sex life, consult Jesus, and He will reveal to you. HE is not dead. HE is alive. Don’t let anyone put you in fear and bondage. Galatians 5:1.
Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati.


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