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August 29, 2017

If you Spend hours composing a text message only to end it with IJN, thinking you Just referred to the Almighty Jesus like that, THEN YOU ARE WORKING FOR THE DEVIL. 
Why should you spend time to spell out words for your write up, only to end it by shying away from writing out the All Powerful and earth shaking Name of the Son of God? 
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is IN JESUS NAME and not IJN. Period 
If you are joining occult people to hide the name of Jesus, by typing IJN, I just pray that the Son of God would not replace you with just letters too. So repent from this if you are guilty. And May this powerful Name of our Lord Jesus torment and torture ALL enemies of Christ and His True Church in JESUS NAME. AMEN. 

By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati


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