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September 11, 2017

I was so elated when I saw his video of exposure of occultic manifestations in the Nigerian Church especially through certain prominent “men of God”. Then I knew there was something I had not known about this man. 
Now I know better that Pastor Sunday Adelaja and Evangelist Odubenu Okeoghene Anumati have a similar calling. 
Those who knew me from Spain to Ireland to Germany know that I have been highly iconoclastic. I don’t like moving with the crowd. I like to stand out. And most especially I like to stand up for my Jesus,  the Son of God, at any level. But the line is getting thicker by the day as more and more servants of satan are taking the stage of the Church and the Sons are walking while the Slaves are riding on horse (Ecclesiastes 10:7). This is an irony, as the snakes are right on the rock (Proverbs 30:19). The occult pastors are ruling. The real children of God are being side tracked. But right now, the table is turning. We are winning. And we MUST win. 
I spoke with Pastor Sunday Adelaja 4 hours ago (23 August 2017). It was far beyond my expectation. The phone talk was bigger than the 14 years of my knowing him on TV. I heard, knew, and saw a different man. 
Due to the sex scandals I had read about him online, I was pretty scared of what our talk would result. ‘I didn’t want any mega womanizer to influence me.’ So I thought. But unknown to me, Pastor Sunday Adelaja is more radical than my self. 
Today, I learnt the truth about the so called sex scandal of him. This is quite different from those Nigerian pastors who have been sleeping around with Nollywood actresses with indubitable proofs. This guy is right now in court with the KGB and the Russian Police for their fabricated stories of sex scandal against him. And he is not silent. (I am yet to see a guilty man take the Russian authorities to court!) 
I was equally misled by the many online news which claimed that this Christian General was a sexually lose man. And I even misunderstood a phone call between him and a South African pastor. Even at that, I found it difficult to believe that the man is demonic. 
Many times, I misunderstood his messages and condemned him as a satanic man who supports evil and fornication. But now I know better. 
For you Nigerian Christians who are shocked about this man calling out your favourite preachers as demonic, with evidences against them, I here by challenge you to please provide just one evidence of Sunday Adelaja’s demonism! 
The man is only warming up for more heat. He is not just angry but mad at the crazy business empires of Nigerian occultists who call them selves “pastors”. And he is not afraid. He is up and doing. 
My ears were full today as he spoke further things to me concerning T B Joshua and Chris Oyakhilome, David Oyedepo, David Ibiyeomie, Paul Enenche, E. A. Adeboye, and all other private jet flyers in the Church of Nigeria. The man is not running. He has proofs. He is more bold than the gentle Adelaja you know on TV, and he is manifesting more and more. With enemies on every side, he is still unmoved. He is unhappy at the mess in the Nigerian Church and the African Church. He wants to make a difference. 
Many don’t know him. Others think he is just one black man that has built the largest Church in Europe. Some think also that he can’t perform miracles too or operate in the Word of Knowledge. Others think he is only jealous of his Nigerian counterparts’ mansions and private jets. Wrong! He also has what it takes to fly a private jet. He has enough to set up a mammoth charging university. But he knows that this place is not our Home. And he is working and building.
The Russian occultists hate him. The Russian government is envious of him. Church legalists hate him and fight him. The carnal church goers hate him. But the man is rugged in his faith in Christ. 
I submit that God is with this man. Those who don’t understand him truly don’t understand his sudden outburst against the big name occult pastors in Nigeria and around the world. 
Don’t think he has bribed me because he hadn’t and he can’t. 

Today I am happy to ‘meet’ the man who has called me Brother and Friend. He is Pastor Sunday Adelaja. And him and myself are proud Nigerians. He is from Ogun State and I am from Delta State. He is from Ijebu Town and I am from Obiaruku Town. He is a Yoruba man and I am an Ukwuani man. He’s from a majority tribe and I am from a minority tribe. Yet we believe in one Jesus. 
We represent the entire Black race as Nigerians, just as you know that Nigeria is the African Giant. We want a change in our country Nigeria. We want a total sweep and clean up in the Church of our God and Lord Jesus in Nigeria. We want God to arise and fight his enemies in Africa. We want God to disgrace all satanic agents in His Church. May God save Nigeria from satanic spells of occultists. May God save our great Nigeria that birthed 60% of African Americans and others in the Diaspora. 
Join this man, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, to fight the devil in our country. Join him to expose satan’s kingdom in Africa. The battle for Nigeria is a battle for Africa. And the battle for Africa is a battle for the Black Race. 
As for me, I am already with him in this fight just as I have been even before knowing him. And I will be. 
Thank God for this my big Brother. And I am glad to now have a direct access to him any time or day. 
We are more than conquerors! 
“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11 
If you don’t like this article, please turn the other side. Enemies of Christ must fall in Jesus name. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati



September 11, 2017

Since I wrote about Pastor Chris Okotie and Pastor Sunday Adelaja and how they have been very vocal against the big name preachers of Nigeria, some fellows have written to me, trying to convince me to reach out to other big pastors also and find out that their accusers lied against them since I spoke to Sunday Adelaja directly.
But I want to state categorocally here that I did not in any way say that both Chris Okotie and Sunday Adelaja are perfect, and neither is any body alive except Jesus Christ the Son of God. They are both human beings and they have not in any way claimed to be perfect or better than you and me. 
First of all, I don’t have the kind of money and influence these two men have, so I respect them when they speak out against people who are as wealthy as they without fear or favour of losing or keeping friends. 

I am not here to explain how Chris Okotie has been fairing in his marriage life neither am I here to detail how he spends his billions on himself and his church members. 
He made his money genuinely even before his preaching fame. (I don’t even mean his former music life before Christ.   Ask questions and know how he got his money.) And we know how many big people keep silent over occultism in the land because of their involvements. 

Chris Okotie is not an occultist. He exposes them thoroughly. And I think that is the genesis of the hatred many Nigerian church goers have for him. He became the first man to sound the trumpet that Chris Oyakhilome and T B Joshua have sold their souls to the Cult of the Beast, also known as The Illuminati. And I know that from that very day, the devil has set to assail and destroy this man at all costs. 
He’s the only man that tried to rule Nigeria presidentially without any godfather and occult back up and ran his campaigns without any occult money. And it is so sad that Nigerians don’t know those whom God has sent to fight for them and deliver them. 
He has consistently warned Nigerians that Chris Oyakhilome and T B Joshua are set out to destroy the True Christianity in Nigeria, yet the only thing he gets in return is to be castigated by the same Nigerians as jealous against these two prominent occult preachers. I think because this man is operating from a high level of spiritual awareness and is a proper and gallant force against occultism in our country. 
I don’t care what you will tell me about his failed marriage to a number of women, because even those whose marriages are a “success” don’t even have half of his boldness and compassion as he does and desire to deliver Nigeria from bondage and satanists. 
Listen to Chris Okotie tearing down satanic kingdom before you speak against him Then after that you will know better why satan is really after him and his marriage. 

This man left Nigeria as a teenager, and today, after 31 years, has influenced the world more than most Nigerians past, persent, and future. And being awakened by God to come back home to challenge the satanic preachers who are wrecking his home land, people are yapping and talking zig zaggy! 
He has contributed to the White people far more than the so called Nigerian big pastors and bishops who fly private jets amidst poor people. While his Nigerian counterparts are busy milking their flocks with threats of curses of not paying their tithes and building universities that can’t be attended due to high costs, he has donated millions in Euro through food, charity and programs and has raised up more than 200 European millionaires through teaching the principles of hard work. While the Nigerian big pastors and bishops are busy selling “miracle water”, “miracle bangles, aprons, anointing oil”, and charging the poor people to pay before counselling, this guy has been busy blessing Europe. 
This is far different from Johnson Suleiman whose accuser Stephanie Otobo provided evidences upon evidences and even her bank statement to prove how far she went with the “Apostle”. The evidences that speak volumes against Suleiman remain: Daniella Okeke’s car, her house, the Lagos State automatic registeration website, and the Zenith Bank account statement. So with these evidences, I don’t need to call Suleiman to ask for the main story even though I have his direct phone number. The evidences speak volumes. 
This is different from David Ibiyeomie, who had to force himself to grant bail to Kemi Olunloyo due to Kemi’s exposure of his alleged affair with Iyabo Ojo and other Nigerian actresses. And we all know that David Ibiyeomie granted release to Kemi Olunloyo only after actress Cossy Orjiakor threatened to release her bank account statement to prove that David Ibiyeomie is a pimp pastor and sponsors prostitute. So why should some one ask me to speak with him after all these?
I can go on and on with Nigerian “gods” who call them selves pastors. 
The Truth of the matter is that millions of Nigerian Christians are sick. They call evil good and good evil. 
I would rather support a genuine man or woman of God who speaks out against evil than support the silent one. 
God bless Pastor Chris Okotie and Pastor Sunday Adelaja. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati.

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