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August 29, 2017

The Bible says nations shall rise against nations. 
Watch as some racist White people attack our African blood Brother in the Charlottesville crisis, in Virginia State of America. When will this rubbish against our Brothers and Sisters STOP?
I pray that there should be no war between Blacks and Whites. But it looks like it will be. Jesus already prophesied many things of this regard.
Irrespective of what happens to our Brothers and Sisters, in Christ, and in flesh, we should and must still pray for our enemies to repent and know the True God. 
This is the plan of the enemy, satan, to divide every body just before our Lord Jesus returns. 
No matter what happens, we must still pray for our White Brothers and Sisters to know the Truth that humanity is from One God. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati


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