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February 26, 2016


There is a great desire by people everywhere to join
the Church of satan. But just before you join, read
their oath which EVERY NEW MEMBER must take:

“Penitent, the opportunity is offered you to redeem
your past . . . Do you desire to take it?”

Probationer “Yes.”

High Priest “Are you prepared to serve our Lord
Satan with your whole mind, body, and soul
Permitting nothing to deter you from the furtherance
of his work?

Probationer “Yes.”


High Priest “As proof that you have purged your
mind of all false teaching, you will now break
This crucifix and throw the pieces from you.”

(Sound of crucifix breaking)

High Priest “Stand up, and raise your left hand!
Repeat after me, sentence by sentence, the words
I am about to say:

High Priest and Probationer “I deny Jesus Christ the
deceiver . . . and I abjure the Christian
Faith, holding in contempt all of its works. By the
symbol of the Creator, I swear henceforth to
Be . . . a faithful servant of his most puissant Arch-
Angel, the Prince Lucifer . . . whom the
Creator designated as His Regent and Lord of this
World. As a being now possessed of a human body
In this world. I swear to give my full allegiance to its
lawful Master: to worship Him, our Lord
Satan and no other; to despise all manmade
religions, and to bring contempt to them whenever
Possible; to undermine the faith of others in such
false religions whenever possible; and
Bring them to the true faith when desirable. I swear
to give my mind, body, and soul unreservedly
. . . to the furtherance of the designs of our Lord
Satan. If I betray my oath, I do now decree
To have my throat cut, my tongue and heart torn
out . . . and to be buried in the sand of the
Ocean that the waves of it may carry me away into
an eternity of obliv



High Priest “If you ever break this oath, we shall
pronounce sentence upon you in the name of our
Lord Satan . . . that you shall fall into dangerous
disease and leprosy, and that, in the sign of his vengeance, you shall perish by a terrifying and
horrible death, and that a fire shall consume
And devour you on every side and utterly crush you
. . . and that by the power of Satan, a flame shall
Go forth from His Mouth which shall burn you up
and reduce you to nothing in Hell … ”

High Priest (Removes a bag from the altar; this bag
contains the shavings of a clock)

“Now take these shavings in your hand and face
the Goat of Mendes . . . repeat after me:

High Priest and Probationer “I deny God, Creator of
Heaven and Earth, and I adhere to thee, and
Believe in thee.”

High Priest (Leads the initiate to the right side of the
altar to a black throne, upon which is
Seated Satan in the materialization of a huge black
goat with a human body, but with the hooves
And head of a goat. The goat has three horns, the
middle one being a lighted torch)


“Kiss the Goat!!”

(As the initiate kisses the posterior of the goat from
behind the throne, the ceremony of
Fidelity to Satan known as the Pax, the High Priest
intones . . . )

“As the shavings of the clock do never return to the
clock from which they are taken, so may
Your soul never return to Heaven.”

That is the evil oath and conditions attached. Print it
out. Share it everywhere. This is what those worldly
musicians, politicians, world class business tycoons have gone through to become rich and famous.

Remember, this is just the initiation oath. This is not

According to an ex member who confessed on the sacrificial aspect of this cursed organization, he revealed that  –  Every initiate is initiated with the killing of two people: A new born baby and a virgin. The baby’s
blood is drank by the initiate. And you are taken to
satanic baptism in black, dirty water, then blood
Series of killings is involved. Yearly covenant
renewal of four human heads and two vaginas. Human
sacrifices for success in music, business, movies,
politics, and other things.

Stay away from satan. He’s a fallen and condemned foe. As a Believer in Christ Jesus, born again and Holy Ghost and Fire baptized, this same satan, the devil, lucifer who is being worshipped IS UNDER YOUR FEET – plus his worshippers.

The Bible says, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on ser­pents and scorpions, and over all the power of the en­emy: and noth­ing shall by any means hurt you.” Luke 10.19

“Submit your­selves therefore to God. Resist the dev­il, and he will flee from you.” James 4.7

Jesus is Lord forever. HALLELUJAH!

In His Power
By Evangelist Odubenu O. Anumati


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