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March 4, 2018

A friend of mine sent me a message that states CHARLY BOY IS BORN AGAIN. That was after I saw the news online by myself. 
Listen. Charly Boy is not any born again. Christ Embassy church does not have the true gospel of Jesus Christ that saves. 
Charly Boy has been a member of Freemasonry, AMORC, Hare Krishna, Buddism, and numerous other witchcraft cults for almost 40 years. A true friend of Michael Jackson, and Mark Callaway, A.k.a The Undertaker, his life style has been highly satanic and strange. With his multiple body piercings and occult rings of human skulls, plus having satanic caskets and human skulls in his room, he introduced and contributed witchcraft and occultism into the Nigerian music scene from the middle 1980s. The likes of Daddy Showkey, Baba Fryo, and the 80s guys of music have all been involved in Ogboni Fraternity, AMORC, Avena, and Freemasonry. 
Pastor Chris Oyakilhome is a member of Freemasonry, AMORC, and The Grail. His pastor who is called Rev. Tom was said to have led Charly Boy to Jesus alongside his activism members in a private meeting. 
Hahaha… I only laugh. 
Mark my word: Charly Boy has been hired by Christ Embassy to promote their church. He’s not born again. Rev. Tom Amenkhienan is occultic. He’s also a member of Freemasonry, AMORC, and The Grail. 
See the pictures of Charly Boy and Rev. Tom Amenkhienan having a Freemason handshake two times. This is the same handshake Vice President Pastor Yemi Osinbanjo is also having here in the picture with a man. And below is Chris Oyakhilome having the Freemasons handshake with a Gani Adams also, who is the

leader of the occult group, OPC.

Wake up Church. Some thing is up in 2018 with the kingdom of darkness. 
Still the watchman on the Nigerian Church wall. Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati


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