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March 10, 2018

Evangelist Billy Graham was initiated into Freemasonry in June 1946, not 1966. (And God be praised for raising up a True Warrior of Christ known as T L Osborn at about 1947, to equate Billy Graham’s influence) He was also a member of the occult group called Bohemian Club, and TLC. 
Even in his own books, he confirmed that he was sponsored and assisted by the Freemasons youth wing. 
He began to preach a very soft gospel, and even denied that Jesus is the only Way to Heaven in May 31 1997 on interview with another Freemason Pastor Robert Schuller. 
Billy Graham never worn real souls to Jesus. In his own books, he confirmed that the people who are “converted” should be sent back to the Catholic Church, if they were Catholics. 
Billy Graham was a devil worshipper. I have endless proofs. 
His occult mantle was transfered to Pastor T D Jakes. T D Jakes took over from him in 2005 as “America’s Pastor”. 
Wake up Church. Don’t be deceived. Billy Graham himself made all these things open in his crusades and in most of his books. Why are the Christians blind? This is what the Freemasons call “Hidden in plain sight”. They tell you the truth of their evil dealings but you may not understand. 
I will not entertain ignorant comments over Billy Graham. If you don’t know ANYTHING of his occultism, ask me by message and don’t write what you don’t know. 
I will give you the names of his books where he wrote all these things about his occultism BY HIMSELF, if you ask.
I hope Billy Graham repented from his satan worship before his death. 
May the Lord open our EYES. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati


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