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September 11, 2017

I believe in truth and not rumours. I had to call Evangelist Eucharia Anunobi on phone some minutes ago to confirm the death of her son. It is true. The woman has lost her son, Raymond Ekwu, to sickle cell anaemia since Wednesday. It is truly sad. 
I respect this woman. She was very far from God back in the days of her movie of extreme sexual nature.  Even till now I do not agree totally with her continuous involvement in movies. But today she is preaching the gospel. And I have not given up on her, neither has God. 
Some people are quick to condemn her appearance due to her make ups and jewelries. Yes I know. I don’t support using jewelries my self. But most of those who condemn these people who come out of sin or the world have made no effort to reach out to them to point out what is and what not. I will not brand this lady my enemy regardless. I speak with her on phone from time to time. She is broken and still trying to be broken. 
I only speak up aggressively against those Illuminati preachers and public figures who have sold their souls to satan and are consciously spreading satanic messages and a contrary spirit. I will not condem this woman who is trying to be closer and closer to God. Many have removed their jewelries and are still not preaching to others. Many have removed their trousers and can’t still speak up about Jesus to their neighbours let alone hold crusades like this woman. 

I pray God gives you the heart to bear your loss, Miss Anunobi. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati



September 11, 2017

I was so elated when I saw his video of exposure of occultic manifestations in the Nigerian Church especially through certain prominent “men of God”. Then I knew there was something I had not known about this man. 
Now I know better that Pastor Sunday Adelaja and Evangelist Odubenu Okeoghene Anumati have a similar calling. 
Those who knew me from Spain to Ireland to Germany know that I have been highly iconoclastic. I don’t like moving with the crowd. I like to stand out. And most especially I like to stand up for my Jesus,  the Son of God, at any level. But the line is getting thicker by the day as more and more servants of satan are taking the stage of the Church and the Sons are walking while the Slaves are riding on horse (Ecclesiastes 10:7). This is an irony, as the snakes are right on the rock (Proverbs 30:19). The occult pastors are ruling. The real children of God are being side tracked. But right now, the table is turning. We are winning. And we MUST win. 
I spoke with Pastor Sunday Adelaja 4 hours ago (23 August 2017). It was far beyond my expectation. The phone talk was bigger than the 14 years of my knowing him on TV. I heard, knew, and saw a different man. 
Due to the sex scandals I had read about him online, I was pretty scared of what our talk would result. ‘I didn’t want any mega womanizer to influence me.’ So I thought. But unknown to me, Pastor Sunday Adelaja is more radical than my self. 
Today, I learnt the truth about the so called sex scandal of him. This is quite different from those Nigerian pastors who have been sleeping around with Nollywood actresses with indubitable proofs. This guy is right now in court with the KGB and the Russian Police for their fabricated stories of sex scandal against him. And he is not silent. (I am yet to see a guilty man take the Russian authorities to court!) 
I was equally misled by the many online news which claimed that this Christian General was a sexually lose man. And I even misunderstood a phone call between him and a South African pastor. Even at that, I found it difficult to believe that the man is demonic. 
Many times, I misunderstood his messages and condemned him as a satanic man who supports evil and fornication. But now I know better. 
For you Nigerian Christians who are shocked about this man calling out your favourite preachers as demonic, with evidences against them, I here by challenge you to please provide just one evidence of Sunday Adelaja’s demonism! 
The man is only warming up for more heat. He is not just angry but mad at the crazy business empires of Nigerian occultists who call them selves “pastors”. And he is not afraid. He is up and doing. 
My ears were full today as he spoke further things to me concerning T B Joshua and Chris Oyakhilome, David Oyedepo, David Ibiyeomie, Paul Enenche, E. A. Adeboye, and all other private jet flyers in the Church of Nigeria. The man is not running. He has proofs. He is more bold than the gentle Adelaja you know on TV, and he is manifesting more and more. With enemies on every side, he is still unmoved. He is unhappy at the mess in the Nigerian Church and the African Church. He wants to make a difference. 
Many don’t know him. Others think he is just one black man that has built the largest Church in Europe. Some think also that he can’t perform miracles too or operate in the Word of Knowledge. Others think he is only jealous of his Nigerian counterparts’ mansions and private jets. Wrong! He also has what it takes to fly a private jet. He has enough to set up a mammoth charging university. But he knows that this place is not our Home. And he is working and building.
The Russian occultists hate him. The Russian government is envious of him. Church legalists hate him and fight him. The carnal church goers hate him. But the man is rugged in his faith in Christ. 
I submit that God is with this man. Those who don’t understand him truly don’t understand his sudden outburst against the big name occult pastors in Nigeria and around the world. 
Don’t think he has bribed me because he hadn’t and he can’t. 

Today I am happy to ‘meet’ the man who has called me Brother and Friend. He is Pastor Sunday Adelaja. And him and myself are proud Nigerians. He is from Ogun State and I am from Delta State. He is from Ijebu Town and I am from Obiaruku Town. He is a Yoruba man and I am an Ukwuani man. He’s from a majority tribe and I am from a minority tribe. Yet we believe in one Jesus. 
We represent the entire Black race as Nigerians, just as you know that Nigeria is the African Giant. We want a change in our country Nigeria. We want a total sweep and clean up in the Church of our God and Lord Jesus in Nigeria. We want God to arise and fight his enemies in Africa. We want God to disgrace all satanic agents in His Church. May God save Nigeria from satanic spells of occultists. May God save our great Nigeria that birthed 60% of African Americans and others in the Diaspora. 
Join this man, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, to fight the devil in our country. Join him to expose satan’s kingdom in Africa. The battle for Nigeria is a battle for Africa. And the battle for Africa is a battle for the Black Race. 
As for me, I am already with him in this fight just as I have been even before knowing him. And I will be. 
Thank God for this my big Brother. And I am glad to now have a direct access to him any time or day. 
We are more than conquerors! 
“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” Ephesians 5:11 
If you don’t like this article, please turn the other side. Enemies of Christ must fall in Jesus name. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati


September 11, 2017

Since I wrote about Pastor Chris Okotie and Pastor Sunday Adelaja and how they have been very vocal against the big name preachers of Nigeria, some fellows have written to me, trying to convince me to reach out to other big pastors also and find out that their accusers lied against them since I spoke to Sunday Adelaja directly.
But I want to state categorocally here that I did not in any way say that both Chris Okotie and Sunday Adelaja are perfect, and neither is any body alive except Jesus Christ the Son of God. They are both human beings and they have not in any way claimed to be perfect or better than you and me. 
First of all, I don’t have the kind of money and influence these two men have, so I respect them when they speak out against people who are as wealthy as they without fear or favour of losing or keeping friends. 

I am not here to explain how Chris Okotie has been fairing in his marriage life neither am I here to detail how he spends his billions on himself and his church members. 
He made his money genuinely even before his preaching fame. (I don’t even mean his former music life before Christ.   Ask questions and know how he got his money.) And we know how many big people keep silent over occultism in the land because of their involvements. 

Chris Okotie is not an occultist. He exposes them thoroughly. And I think that is the genesis of the hatred many Nigerian church goers have for him. He became the first man to sound the trumpet that Chris Oyakhilome and T B Joshua have sold their souls to the Cult of the Beast, also known as The Illuminati. And I know that from that very day, the devil has set to assail and destroy this man at all costs. 
He’s the only man that tried to rule Nigeria presidentially without any godfather and occult back up and ran his campaigns without any occult money. And it is so sad that Nigerians don’t know those whom God has sent to fight for them and deliver them. 
He has consistently warned Nigerians that Chris Oyakhilome and T B Joshua are set out to destroy the True Christianity in Nigeria, yet the only thing he gets in return is to be castigated by the same Nigerians as jealous against these two prominent occult preachers. I think because this man is operating from a high level of spiritual awareness and is a proper and gallant force against occultism in our country. 
I don’t care what you will tell me about his failed marriage to a number of women, because even those whose marriages are a “success” don’t even have half of his boldness and compassion as he does and desire to deliver Nigeria from bondage and satanists. 
Listen to Chris Okotie tearing down satanic kingdom before you speak against him Then after that you will know better why satan is really after him and his marriage. 

This man left Nigeria as a teenager, and today, after 31 years, has influenced the world more than most Nigerians past, persent, and future. And being awakened by God to come back home to challenge the satanic preachers who are wrecking his home land, people are yapping and talking zig zaggy! 
He has contributed to the White people far more than the so called Nigerian big pastors and bishops who fly private jets amidst poor people. While his Nigerian counterparts are busy milking their flocks with threats of curses of not paying their tithes and building universities that can’t be attended due to high costs, he has donated millions in Euro through food, charity and programs and has raised up more than 200 European millionaires through teaching the principles of hard work. While the Nigerian big pastors and bishops are busy selling “miracle water”, “miracle bangles, aprons, anointing oil”, and charging the poor people to pay before counselling, this guy has been busy blessing Europe. 
This is far different from Johnson Suleiman whose accuser Stephanie Otobo provided evidences upon evidences and even her bank statement to prove how far she went with the “Apostle”. The evidences that speak volumes against Suleiman remain: Daniella Okeke’s car, her house, the Lagos State automatic registeration website, and the Zenith Bank account statement. So with these evidences, I don’t need to call Suleiman to ask for the main story even though I have his direct phone number. The evidences speak volumes. 
This is different from David Ibiyeomie, who had to force himself to grant bail to Kemi Olunloyo due to Kemi’s exposure of his alleged affair with Iyabo Ojo and other Nigerian actresses. And we all know that David Ibiyeomie granted release to Kemi Olunloyo only after actress Cossy Orjiakor threatened to release her bank account statement to prove that David Ibiyeomie is a pimp pastor and sponsors prostitute. So why should some one ask me to speak with him after all these?
I can go on and on with Nigerian “gods” who call them selves pastors. 
The Truth of the matter is that millions of Nigerian Christians are sick. They call evil good and good evil. 
I would rather support a genuine man or woman of God who speaks out against evil than support the silent one. 
God bless Pastor Chris Okotie and Pastor Sunday Adelaja. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati.


September 11, 2017

BISHOP KAYODE JOSEPH ABIOLA PELLER, is the General Overseer of The Fingers of God Church, Alagbado, Lagos State, Nigeria, and son of the late renowned magician, Professor Peller, has called out to the Senior Pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nations, T. B. Joshua, and Chris Oyakhilome, Christ Embassy founder, accusing them of being magicians.
Bishop Kayode, a renowned magician, said the duo, his colleagues in the ministry, use their eyes with demonic powers in them to superimpose their thoughts into people.
In a recent interview with FLIP TV, he said, “What I see Temitope Joshua do from my own magic experience is what we call mesmerism. It is also called hypnotism.”
He claimed that while T. B. Joshua uses Kabballah magic to hypnotize his congregation and the general public over his miracles, Chris Oyakhilome’s association with Joshua makes him a suspect.
Taking on Oyakhilome, Kayode said, “I used to believe Oyakhilome before. That ended the day I saw him and Joshua doing miracles and castigating our pastors, Ayo and Okonkwo.

“When you castigate these great men of God, you are no more for God. They do miracles but don’t know what they teach.
“I would say they use magic on their followers since I was a former magician. I see in their actions hypnotism and seduction. I mean the way we used to seduce our congregation; those that come to watch our magic those days.
“I see mesmerism, hypnotism and occult display in what they do. How can people jubilate over atmosphere of miracles and before they get to the bus stop, the miracles have gone. Miracles are not limited to atmosphere. God is in charge of everywhere,” he added.
According to the Bishop, “They use the eyes with the demonic power in them to superimpose their thoughts into people. It happens, for most of those walking in the streets have very weak spirits. For there is witchcraft ability in every man.

“That is what we call telepathising: I mean, when I see them do their drama of healing while dancing from one side to another. I know its hypnotism.
“These are dangerous occultist words. Telepathising, hypnotism, occultism, kabbalah magic are processes of ruling the minds of weaker men. It could go to the length of seeing the magic maker in the dreams once the weaker person allows the demonic spirit of the conjurer to influence his mind.”

Defending his criticism on the duo, the reformer said, “Let nobody think that I am jealous of them because their churches are big. If I want to make mine big I know what to do. I am the son of Peller. I know where things happen.
“I am not a ‘mugu’, to say the truth. They can’t fool me. I want to make heaven. I don’t want my work to be a waste; for every work built on faulty foundation, shall not stand the test of time.
“Foundation of deceit, occultism and demonic power cannot stand the test of time when the owner leaves. Jesus will deny them on that day.

“God only can say if Joshua is a real man of God. I don’t judge them; only God can do that.
“Having said all these, I have nothing against them. For I feel that nothing can be except God allows,” Bishop Kayode quipped.
©11 February 2016 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati


September 11, 2017

I have noticed that Lots of my so called “friends” here on Facebook have been writing indirectly against me and calling me “ignorant”, “deceiver” and some other names,  simply because I have been announcing that the Rapture will happen in the middle of the Great Tribulation. 
I have noticed that I and a very few number of Christians believe that the Rapture will happen after the Great Tribulation and not before it. 
Lots of my so called “friends” on Facebook believe that BIG LIE of RAPTURE BEFORE TRIBULATION. And I want to say that I used to believe this same theory that the Rapture will happen before the Great Tribulation until I found out the Truth that we have been deceived by satan to not be prepared for the worse. 
I met a Brother Oladele Ogundele in 2002 and he gave me books of Deeper Life Church that talks about the Rapture. The books said that the Rapture will happen before the Great Tribulation and I believed them and even preached the same thing. 
But some time in 2003, I came across a book that was challenging that belief, and the writer gave historical proofs that shows how and when this Rapture before Tribulation started in 18th century in Scotland and the purpose in making the Church sleep so as to make them unprepared for the Truth of the Great Tribulation. The writer called popular names of preachers who popularized this belief in 18th Century in Scotland. 
When I told my then Pastor, Olalekan Oyewande, of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in Ireland, he said, “Oh, so you have now found out through the book you are reading!” I have no idea which he believed either, but that was his reply. 
Then I began telling every one I met in church that we should be expecting the Great Tribulation before Jesus comes, not the other way round. Some where surprised to know that they have believed a false doctrine from Scotland without following the Scriptures while other refused to believe it. 
C I Scoffield made this teach popular all over the world, yet Christians every where say we who believe this Truth are spreading a false doctrine. 
W F Kumuyi himself said he read books of John Wesley, Charles H Spurgeon, and other Holiness preachers; so he was influenced by Europeans preachers before starting off his Deeper Life Bible Church in Lagos, Nigeria. And other Nigerian preachers too of his beginning were also influenced by Western preachers. 
With this influence came the printing of their books that support Rapture before Tribulation, which has been taught in virtually every church that I know today, making strong apologists every where in Nigeria and Africa and the world. 
No problem. Let us all continue. But one thing I know is sure and TRUE. The Rapture will NOT HAPPEN before the Great Tribulation. The Rapture will only HAPPEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION. 
The subject is not something I will quote Scriptures for here on Facebook. But I thank God for people like my darling Sister Shola J. Browne, Janaba’s Daughter and others who know the Truth and are working to prepare for the worst of the world and the Antichrist. Thank God for my people in the US, like Dan Perry, Donna Cruz and many men of God who are masters in research; men like my wonder pastor Eric Holmberg in the US, and wonderful pastor Joseph Schimmel in California, who have produced an outstanding DVD titled Left Behind or Led Astray, to expose the lie of RAPTURE BEFORE TRIBULATION instead of RAPTURE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION. 
I thank God specially for Pastor Eric Holmberg of Reel 2 Real Ministries and Pastor Joseph Schimmel of Good Fight Ministries both in America. These two White men inspired me above any living Pastor alive today. Their DVDs have opened my eyes and have moved me to do the same thing in Europe and Africa today by God. I thank God for their lives and the Truth which they teach. 
I also thank God for many preachers in America who are warning every one to beware of the false Rapture doctrine. 
Thank God for Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj of Jesus Ministries in India, who has been teaching against the Rapture before Tribulation and has been warning people to wake up and prepare for the Great Tribulation. 
Thank God for Mary K Baxter whose book, Divine Revelation of Hell, also revealed about the operation of the Antichrist. 
Thank God for pastor David Pawson of Anchor Recordings who spent his life warning the entire United Kingdom via GodTv and in his books. 
Thank God for some one like Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo for also warning people long before now about the Rapture and the Great Tribulation. 
So let us keep on. Those who believe that they will be raptured before the Great Tribulation should continue. And leave those of us who believe that the Great Tribulation is coming before the Rapture. 
Time shall tell who is deceived and who have believed fables from Scotland. 
Stay on your own page and promote your Rapture before Tribulation while I stay on my own page to promote Great Tribulation before Rapture. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati.


September 11, 2017

Any Church or Ministry that says only them are saved and are exclusively bound for Heaven is a demonic cult. Here are those of the cults with a large following:

 founded by a Freemason Charles Taze Russell, 

“The Only True People of God Jehovah” 

 founded by Oseghale Emmanuel Aighalua

“The Only True Establishment of God on the Earth”

3. THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, founded by Roman Politicians of Freemasonry and AMORC,  

“The Only Church Established by Christ Himself” 

founded by a Freemason, Granville Hedrick

 founded by a Freemason, Ogboni man, Rev Samuel Joseph Bilewu Oschoffa,

 “Jesus Christ Himself” 


founded by a Freemason, Ogboni man, (Olumba Olumba Obu) “The Sole Controller And Supreme Head Of All Spirits, Deities, Angels, Souls, Destinies and Creation Of the Entire Universe” 

founded by Rite Rev.



 “His Holiness”,

 “Jesus Doctor”, 

“Apple of God’s Eye”,

 “Osu Akpeje (World Leader)”,

“Demon Destroyer”, 

“The Bishop of the Whole World”,


“Only Begotten Son”, 



 Daniel Dikeji Mimiyeraye MiyeriJesu
8. THE BRANHAMITES (William Branham’s followers), 

founded by a Freemason, Prophet William Marrion BRANHAM,

 “The Last Seal of God’s Prophets” 

founded by a Python Worshipper, Pastor Lazarus Mouka,

 “The Mountain of the Lord where all nations must flow to”, 

“Baba Ijesha”, 

“The God of the Chosen” 

 founded by a Deceived man, Pastor Paul Rika,

 “The Noah of this Generation to take every Christian to Heaven” 

“The Last Ark of Salvation On Earth”


founded by Rev. King Emeka Ezeugo, “The God of our Time” 

founded by a Freemason, Prophetess Ellen G White (“The Last Seal of God’s Prophets”) 

founded by a Freemason, Prophet Joseph Smith, “The Last Testament of God To Mankind” 
14. RASTAFARIAN CHURCH,  founded by a Freemason, His Royal Majesty,  Haile Selaisse, Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael,  “The Second Coming of Christ” 

“The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”

“God in Human Form”

“Almighty God Is A Living Man”
These churches and ministries and organizations have claimed and still claim to be the Only Way to Heaven. 

Whereas, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God, has already said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” John 14:6
Beware of any man, woman, church, ministry, organization claiming to be the Only True Way to God and Heaven. They are just the express way to Hell and the Lake of Fire. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati.


September 1, 2017

 Watch Pastor Paul Rika as he tells people in Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria, in February 2016, that the micro chip is from God. 

Spread this video. Download it. Show it to HOREMOW members and other Christians. Warn them now. Tell them to run away from any church or ministry where the pastor tells them to support the mark of the Beast, the Antichrist. 
More pastors who are working for satan will start doing what Paul Rika is doing. 
Watch out for Chris Oyakhilome. Watch out for David Oyedepo. 

Watch out for T B Joshua. 

Watch out for T D Jakes. 

Watch out for Pope Francis. 
Run from any church or ministry or pastor that encourages you to receive the RFID Chip, the biochip, the 666 chip on your hand or on your fore head. 
The Mark of the Beast is HERE ALREADY. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati

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