I still don’t understand why HOREMOW will think they are supreme to the whole Body of Christ, The Church. 
As soon as Sister Claire died, a sister in Holland saw her in Heaven. 

Brother Chiedozie saw her in Heaven. 
Several other Brothers and Sisters saw her rejoicing in Heaven. 
So, Linda Rika, you mean they are all lying from different countries and different time zones? 
HOREMOW people must be kidding! 

Linda Rika, of a truth, needs DELIVERANCE from the past lives she lived. 
Linda Rika was not delivered from the demons in her when she claimed that she had repented. 
She just started dressing fine and started preaching after her supposed revelations. 
And for Paul Rika; he does not believe much in deliverance. He came from a Deeper Life background, and so just believe much in teaching. 
Sister Claire is in Heaven. The Truth shall stand at the Witnesses of two or three people. Even before HOREMOW started their “Sister Claire is in Hell” saga, people of God had already confirmed her Heavenly residency. Period. 

HOREMOW people should repent and close down that confusion ministry and ministry of confusion. 
Paul Rika should repent and go back to Deeper Life and beg Pastor W. F. Kumuyi and reconcile with Pastor Michael Thomas Sambo, if he knows he wants to make Heaven. 
Stop creating confusion, HOREMOW. 
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati


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