1.) Stop letting your Kids watch cartoons in the name of having no time. All the cartoons are satanic, and are possessing the kids globally. 

2.) Stop letting your teenagers have a secret password over their computers and phones. They could have pornography or some demonic cult agenda in those gadgets. You sure need to have access to their phones or computers ANYTIME, till they are matured enough to leave your house. 

3.) Stop being ignorant of how much money your Child has in the bank, as long as she is under you. They could be getting monies from sugar daddies or mummies or from occult friends, to lure them to evil. 

4.) Stop letting your Child in the boarding schools or campuses to live care freely. Surprise them with emergency and unannounced visits. If you have enough money to send your Child schooling abroad, then you should be buoyant enough to go anywhere they are schooling, to know how they are living and doing. 

5.) Stop allowing your Child to play satanic music in your house or in their rooms. They are invoking demons through those worldly records. 

6.) Stop letting your Child have the posters of demonic movie actors and satanic music stars on the walls of their rooms. They are equally invoking satan thru those posters into their lives and into your house. 

7.) Stop being careless about who your Kids friends are. They could be satanic. Know their friends and their Parents to their homes. Many friends are demons in human body. 

8.) Don’t leave your Child to wonder what Sex and Emotions are. Teach and inform them to avoid Premarital Sex and its dangers, and to hold on till they get married. If you don’t, Google and evil friends will teach them and pollute them for you. 
If you do these, with prayers and fasting for your children, you will have trained up your Child in the Way he or she should go, and God has assured You that they would not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6.
By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati


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