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May 30, 2017

I posted this on my Facebook page on 21 May, just about 10 days ago.  
I posted to expose the darkness within the satanic cult group called Horemow and their members started writing thrash against me. Now see for your self what another member of the group wrote concerning their belief and how only them can make it to Heaven. 

No wonder they ignored Evangelist Claire Atongo even in her death and boycotted her funeral. 
Any group or church or ministry or religion that claim express and exclusive channel to Heaven without Jesus Christ of Nazareth is a cult group and deserves exposure and open rebuke. 

Their god is Paul Rika and their goddess is Linda Ngaujah Rika, while their heaven is the Lake of Fire. 
Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati.



May 30, 2017

I posted this on my Facebook page on 15 May, about two weeks ago. 

On Saturday, I posted about the deception within the cult group of HOREMOW, and their members started to write nonsense to attack me, finding fault and wanting me to delete it.

But here is a screenshot of one so-called sister Amen Oghide who campaigns for HOREMOW like mad. She called this decieved group the last ark of salvation on earth. 

Excuse me???

By Evangelist Odubenu O. Anumati


May 30, 2017

I posted this on my Facebook page on 11 May, some two weeks ago. 

1. She just got married and hasn’t stayed up to 2 months in marriage.

2. She had not finished her mission of establishing the CHPM TV she spoke about just 2 weeks ago.

3. She had not handed over to another person or to explain that her mission from God was over.

4. She was only trying to secure her husband’s visa to return to Ireland to her ministry headquarters and residence after marriage 6 weeks ago.

5. She was sick for 2 weeks before her death and was lying down most times.

6. She had not enjoyed working for the Lord with her newly married husband.

7. She has not dropped any message to her followers in Ireland, in the UK, in Nigeria, and all over the world as to her sudden departure like Jesus, Paul, Peter and other heroes of faith.

8. She had not finished establishing the Holiness Boutique she had begun in Ireland, where she sells good holiness dresses from €20 and above.

9. She had not fulfilled her days in life and in ministry.

10. She would not be given a husband and so much visions to fulfil in the lives of women only to die without an expected end.

I believe powers of darkness in Nigeria had teamed up with the ones in Cameroon and the UK to steal the ministry of our dearly priced Sister. 

*They have hated her with passion. 

*She had lived a lonely life a lot in Ireland.

*She had faced financial difficulty in Ireland.

*She had been abandoned many times in her ministry in Ireland.

*She had cried and waited on the Lord.
ONLY to die just like that in Nigeria, a country where she is most loved?
The Lord does not kill His children with sicknesses because it doesn’t glorify Him. The enemy had done this. But glory to God that she had done all needed restitutions before she finally passed on. 
Yes, she lived a holy life. The Lord has welcomed her into the Everlasting City. HALLELUJAH!!!!!
But we who are yet alive and still work for the Lord must know one thing always: THE enemy of our souls is still out there waiting patiently to cut our lives short. We must wake up and fight back in fasting and in prayers and in preaching this hard message of Christ to lost humanity till our blood drops.
We must pray against the enemy of our soul aggressively and mercilessly as he works against our souls thru witches and wizards and occultists. I know  what I’m saying, because I’ve seen many holiness Christians afraid to pray against the devil and witches and wizards, believing that it’s a sin.
I have  here on my phone and in my possession the initiation ceremony oath of the Church of Satan in 1968. They are swearing to fight God and the Church and Christians. They are even swearing upon themselves in the name of Lucifer to receive punishment from him in Hell if they back down on their mission of destroying anything good.
This is the  same evil societies that nearly all politicians, and footballers, and worldly musicians, and actor, and entertainers, and perhaps even your church Bishop have sworn to, in order to fight God and His people.
Please let’s wake  up and fight in prayers to avoid  ourselves ending this life journey so untimely.
Thank God that our Sister Evangelist Claire Atongo Andoun made it. And may we make it too in Jesus Name. Amen.
By Evangelist Odubenu O. Anumati,

+234 9021151727

True  Way Bible Church and The Truth Team Ministries.

Contact me for your crusades and  church programs. 

God bless us all.


May 29, 2017

She was born in Douala, Cameroon in 1976 and

worked as a prostitute for a long while before

encountering Jesus and so became an

Evangelist. She single-handedly founded the

following ministries: Virtuous Women in Christ;

Complete Holiness Ministries International;

Holiness Boutique; and Holiness Music Company.

She preached boldly and passionately about

Holiness within and without. She traveled

extensively to all around the world, from Ireland

to Cameroon, to England, to Scotland, to

Germany, to Austria, to South Africa, to Nigeria,

to Ghana, to Botswana, to Kenya, and many

other countries, where she alone spread the

Word of the Lord.

A very humble and sincere Woman of God who

loved the Lord Jesus and loved people around


She was a person that would not do

anything without prayer.


1. Trouble struck in December 2016 when she

flew down from Ireland to Lagos, Nigeria to meet

a STRANGE MAN in view of marriage.

2. She disconnected from every one and stopped

picking calls once she started being close to the

stranger known as Solomon Omikpa, who claims

to be an Evangelist and a former armed robber.

3. She was approached by a pastor friend who

asked if she had prayed for direction, but she

replied that did not pray but that she and

Solomon Omikpa shared the same coincidental

spiritual dates of repentance and other.

4. Sister Claire claimed that they both were in

love and don’t need to fear.

5. She also told the pastor who was concerned

that she had gone on a 40 days prayer on a

mountain at an unidentified destination.

6. Sister Claire failed to call any single Christian

Brother or Sister in Nigeria to intimate them that

she was around, to avoid any questioning and


7. Sister Claire and this strange man, Solomon,

were so fast about all they were into as though

she was under a spell and charmed with a very

high satanic power to have forgotten herself



STRANGE MAN, Solomon Omikpa.

10. She alone went with the stranger, Solomon,

to his home town in Benue State, without any

single soul accompanying her.

11. She was alone with Solomon in Benue State

as they did a secret traditional marriage without

any Christian Brother or Sister and also without

any of her family members from close by


12. She rented a mansion and fully firnished it in

Egbeda in Lagos.

13. She desired to buy a small car for mobility

within Lagos but Solomon forced her to buy a

costly jeep.

14. She also rented a large church hall at

Egbeda, to the tune of #1.8 million. (Nigerian


15. She and Solomon went to Alaba International

Market, Lagos, to buy powerful state-of-the-art

music and sound equipment to kick off their

Nigerian branch of Complete Holiness Mission

International (CHMI).

16. She flew back to Ireland to bring down all

her ministry equipments in Dublin and cameras

and video making machines.

17. She declared that they would wed on the on

March 25, 2017, in Lagos, which came to pass.

Yet her father was equally absent.

18. And just after the marriage, Mr Solomon, who

claims to be a former armed robber, forced

Sister Claire to bequeath all her ministries

equipments and properties to his name thru a

lawyer, as the new general overseer of the


19. She sheepishly did the transference to

Solomon’s name and denied herself of uttering a

word as the original founder and owner.

20. Immediately after the documents signing, she

lost physical strength and became extremely


21. She then opted to fly back to Ireland for

proper medical check up, seeing her pregnancy

test proved negative.

22. The opportunist, Solomon Omikpa, seized her

Irish passport and threatened to never released

it until his visa to Ireland was made ready so as

to fly out together with Sister Claire.

23. While she lost further strength to sit up, she

was admitted in the hospital for treatment.

24. But mean while, Solomon Omikpa threatened

that her to not be admitted in the hospital

because children of God are not supposed to go

to hospitals for treatments but have faith in God

for healing.

25. At this time, it dawned on Sister Claire that

she no longer had a say over her life and

ministries, so she called Bro Michael Thomas

Sambo and Bro Jeff Chawatuga in Austria.

26. In the mean time, Solomon Omikpa moved to

discharge Sister Claire from the hospital against

the doctor’s advice, and agreed to bear the

responsibility of an eventual death.

27. Sister Claire was discharged from the

hospital and then tried to fly thru Murtala

Muhammed International Airport back to Ireland,

which was not permitted to happen by the

Airport officials due to her inability to sit down

for long.

28. She was then visited by Brother Jeff

Chawatuga, from Austria, and then she

confessed to him that she and Solomon Omikpa

had sex before their marriage and recorded it her

on her device and uploaded it to her YouTube

account for member of her ministries to know

and every other child of God.

29. But immediately, Solomon Omikpa, who

claims to be an Evangelist, was alerted

via his own Gmail account as a follower of Sister

Claire’s YouTube account, and speedily ran down

to coerce Sister Claire’s daughters to open up

their mother’s YouTube account to enable him

delete her sexual secret, and scolding her for

revealing the secret.

30. By the way, the house help who was hired to

work in her house was fired as the house got

more hot for Claire and Solomon.

31. Then Sister Claire confessed all known and

unknown sins to Jesus and gave up the ghost

amidst vomiting and stooling.



33. But then, few days later she was buried in

the company of less than 20 attendees in a far

off grave yard after her lying in state in a church.

34. Mr Solomon Omikpa preached a brief sermon

on the burial day by praising Sister Claire and

also adding she deserved to die and go home

because she had suffered enough abandonment

and loneliness.

35. Few days before the burial which took place

on 20 May 2017, her father who attended his

daughter’s burial from Cameroon and wept sore

as to his daughter’s mysterious demise, came to

collect his grand daughters but was turned down

by Solomon Omikpa.

36. After that, the biological father of Sister

Claire’s children also came to take his own

children but was turned down asIt well.

37. It took Brother Michael Thomas Sambo and

Brother Jeff Chawatuga from Austria to come

down before the burial to take the children by

force from Solomon Omikpa and their Irish

passports which were also seized by him.

38. Bro Jeff spent personal funds for the plane

tickets of Sister Claire’s 3 children to Netherland.

39. As soon as the children arrived at Netherland, Mr Solomon Omikpa quickly moved to the

landlord of the church hall that was paid for by

Sister Claire and demanded to retrieve the

balance of the #1.8 million naira rent, claiming

that he needed money to relocate.

40. And that was how our beloved Sister ended

up her life and ministries in the hands of a



Right now, Solomon Omikpa is living in the

mansion rented by Sister Claire with his younger

brother and sister and his mother.

2. I, Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati, spoke

personally on phone, and asked him what is

plans were for the ministries he has now

inherited, and his reply was, “I don’t know.”

3. Please note that every thing that belonged to

Sister Claire has now been transfered to

Solomon Omikpa of Benue State.

4. He now controls all of Sister Claire’s social

media account: YouTube, Gmail, Zoom, Speaker,

Twitter, Instagram and even her website and has

paid computer literates to operate those

accounts at his orders.

5. God allowed her death because it was ample

clear that she was headed for a bigger fall real

soon and that more damages were on the way.

6. God did not honour her marriage because it

was clear that she was not given out by any man

from her Cameroonian family.

7. And to all VWC and CHMI members world

wide, I believe it is risky to follow this STRANGE

MAN to an unknown destination. If Evangelist

Claire Atongo Andoun could die and all her

ministries equipments handed over to a

STRANGE MAN, your own life can equally be

handed over to a stranger. Stay away from this


MINISTRY and focus on Christ. Stop

communicating with anything relating to Sister

Claire, because this strange man got her laptops

and phones and all your contacts. So beware

and don’t repeat the mistakes of Evangelist

Claire Atongo Andoun who fell due to the

desperation of being a married woman.

John 10:10 declares,

“10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to

kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might

have life, and that they might have it more


10:11 I am the good shepherd: the good

shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

10:12 But he that is an hireling, and not the

shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth

the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and

fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and

scattereth the sheep.

10:13 The hireling fleeth, because he is an

hireling, and careth not for the sheep.

10:14 I am the good shepherd, and know my

sheep, and am known of mine.

10:15 As the Father knoweth me, even so know I

the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.”

And finally, I thank the Lord that our Sister Claire

made it to Heaven after confessions of hidden

and open sins. And may we meet her again in

our Kingdom in Jesus name. Amen.

God bless you.

By Evangelist Odubenu O Anumati

True Way Bible Church and The Truth Team


+234 9021151727

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