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Exposing and Explaining 120 Demonic Ukwuani Names On ‘The Spirit Of Egwu Amala’ CD

November 11, 2013

Released since October 2011, ‘The Spirit Of Egwu Amala 1: The Demonic Names’ is a message given by Evangelist Odubenu Okeoghene Anumati, the Founder and Leader of True Way Bible Church and the outreach ministry, The Truth Team Ministries International.
The message is a spirit filled word both for the Ukwuani people and others. Given in English language, the message has the power to deliver people who are under demonic oppressions and who bear demonic names in Ukwuani land. And from a whole bunch of spirit filled research, Evangelist Anumati exposes the demonic musical inspiration of no less than eight Ukwuani secular musicians, amongst whom are Eric Enuma, Danny K, Robingo, Ubulu and others.
Some of the names mentioned and explained in the CD are as follows:
1. Onwuma – Death knows
2. Onwukwe – Death agrees
3. Onwuka – Death is greater
4. Onwudiegwu – Death is fearful
5. Onwuegbu – Death has killed
6. Onwudike – Death is strong
7. Onwuebuke – Death is so mighty
8. Onwugbolu – Death wrap away
9. Ogonegbu – Goodness kills
10. Okusonogu – Quarrel brought war
11. Olubiwe – Work is wickedness
12. Esegbue – Sacrifice has killed him
13. Enuboda – Life is a fall
14. Obodiwe – City of wickedness
15. Iweobodo – Wickedness of a city
and many others; up to 120 names more.

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